15 Best Heavy Metal Songs To Fuel Your Workout

My Favorite List Of Heavy Metal Songs To Listen To While Working Out

Heavy metal has a way of feeding your inner demon and if you pair that up with a savage workout routine then you will be grinding away in the iron dungeon and scaring those around you. Music can amplify almost any emotion and if you are determined to get shredded then you need to add some fuel to the fire and you will be an unstoppable force.

Below is a personal list of all the tracks to keep your adrenaline and your blood rushing in the gym. So without further babbling, here they are:

#1 – Redneck (Lamb of God)

This band has so many other chord shredding hits that it was hard to pick one. As a personal fan I feel that this song is the perfect one to dive right into at the start of any routine because there are no long intros. How Randy Blythe the lead singer of Lamb of God keeps from absolutely wrecking his vocal chords, I don’t know but I’m glad he does what he does.

#2 – Dear Insanity (Asking Alexandria)

After listening to this I am hellbent on motivating myself to do anything active. As far as the lyrics go I’m not really listening to them so much as the actual band in general. These guys rock!

#3 – Take Out The Gunman (Chevelle)

Fresh off their newest album, I picked this one out because it makes you feel like you’re in a fight for your life if you put yourself in first person with the lyrics. If you don’t get pumped when you play this then I recommend some testosterone booster because you are a girly man!

#4 – Seek and Destroy (Metallica)

As always, Metallica has a way of bringing out some primal strength from the soul. This one is high paced and good for possibly some cardio or the heavy bag.

#5 Droppin Plates (Disturbed)

Straight up raw! Drop some plates on their asses! Enough said.

#6 – My Curse (Killswitch Engage)


This has it all for a medium to heavy workout. Fast guitar riffs, heavy vocals, and it keeps you at a decent pace for reps and other routines.

#7 Suffering Overdue (Black Label Society)

Pretty amazing track to get you up and moving. Has a Black Sabbath type vibe with a new age feel. Black label society has a lot of other noteworthy tracks to load into your workout music playlist as well.

#8 – In Ashes They Shall Reap (Hatebreed)



Hatebreed has been around for a while and they come out with the perfect music to fight and workout to. I try not to listen to it when I’m having a less than favorable day or I just feel like punching somebody.

#9 – Seed Of Filth (Six Feet Under)

If you want to feel like a caveman and just go ham in your iron dungeon then I suggest giving this one a go.

#10 – Sick Like Me (In This Moment)


One of the few women in the music genre that can deliver some hardcore fucking vocals and the band is an amazing compliment. If you have a spot for a top ten pick then you need this in it!

#11 – Omerta (Lamb of God)


Oh I did mention I was a fan of Lamb of God right? Well this is another one that you can sink your teeth into. #gains.

#12 – Raining Blood (Slayer)

A timeless classic that deserved a spot on this list of best workout songs. Extra Kudos for you if you can play this song on guitar hero at max difficulty!

#13 – Can You Feel My Heart (Bring Me The Horizon)


These guys are a pretty new discovery of mine, they have a lot more things you can load into your playlist. This song has some nice upbeat lyrics and a good rhythm to keep your workout going.

#14 – Disengage (Suicide Silence)



R.I.P Mitch Luker, a tragic story behind the recent death of the lead singer. His talent will be missed. Some of the heaviest and high quality metal you can find comes from this band.

#15 – Decimate The Weak (Winds Of Plague)

The title says it all!


CuntCrusher (Infant Annihilator )

Submitted by: Nick Frey (Facebook)

5 Minutes Alone (Pantera)

Submitted by: Shaun Baker (Facebook)


In Conclusion:

I hope you guys enjoy this nice little playlist I assembled for you, make sure to comment your favorites below and let us know what you’re listening to.


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