4 Reasons Why You Will Fail At Becoming A Millionaire

We all want the finer things in life, insanely fast sports cars, vacations in Tahiti, scorching hot women surrounding us at all times, the security of never working for someone again. These are all parts of the illusion that the American dream portrays. Who doesn’t want to live the life of luxury? I mean seriously!

You are subject to sensory manipulation on a daily basis and you wind up becoming a corporate drone right out of the gate unless you are one of the chosen few who go against the grain and acquire either the skills or possess the natural talent it takes to become a wealthy man.

I have researched the formula for failure, which consists of 4 major downfalls, keeping you from attaining the lifestyle you crave. If you can open up your mind and actually get off your ass to take action then you can thank me later. As a side note, if you are just going to sit back on the couch and play video games or be a phone zombie on Instagram drooling over all the chicks you will never have a chance with, then just leave now. Go back to your mediocre  habits and your over indulging consumerist ways, this is for men that want real change to take place in their lives starting today!

First: You have No Clue In Hell How Money Actually Works

Let me guess what you do with your paycheck. You hopefully have the common sense to pay your bills first and then save the excess for your business growth or investments? Sound right?

Of course not! You went to the bar with the fellas and blew your wad on drinks and late night fast food runs. And you want to have the things that don’t deserve to just come fly into your lap! Now I know it might sound cruel and you may have a family to support and I totally get that, you should always first and foremost make sure that you have a roof over your head and food in the refrigerator. But seriously, taking the money you let trickle down the drain and pushing it into some wise investments would be the first step into changing your future.

Now I say investments in a general sense of the meaning. You could build an e-commerce store or have the next biggest app idea just floating around in your head. These are all risks when you think about it but if you never take a leap and try then you will never reap the potential rewards. Just a little bit of money can make massive changes  to your lifestyle.

debt poor

If you are debt poor because you had to have all of the things wanted now, instead of later, then congratulations you are another sheep in the massive population on this planet. Letting the media and peers choose your steps in life for you.

The point of this section is to shine some light on all of the wrong ways you are using your hard earned money. If any of the above things sound like you then please do yourself a favor and make changes where necessary. Don’t get stuck in the slow lane and think that paying interest on something that you could have sacrificed not having will get you ahead. Go out there and put that cash to work!

If you have a skill that you learned from your years of laboring, I’m sure you could build a product or service out of it and start earning the kings share of your efforts.

Second: You Never Take The Time To Learn Something Useful

I have so many friends that went through the school system and worked hard at ending up in a dead end job. They turn into the most miserable people you will ever meet and then fall into the rut of just accepting fate, and droning on. Don’t be that guy!

books for success

If I were to ask you right now, “What’s a good book you read lately?”, What would your answer be? Hopefully not a blank stare and some umm’s and uhhh’s. But lets just say you haven’t invested in yourself and took the time out every night before bed to read a few chapters of an amazing and possibly life changing book from a successful person actually out there setting the world on fire with their teachings.

Why wouldn’t you go for that?

Because you have been molded to avoid anything that could get you out of the rat race and to tell you the truth, it’s the way our society has to function. Without well educated and ambitious people in the workforce, we can afford to hire burger flippers and retail clerks. And in all honesty I’m glad those people have jobs but not glad they don’t have the motivation to put some more commas in their bank accounts.

My advice on this subject is that you take a little time out for yourself and learn to be the person that it takes to get what you dream of. You are never too busy to make an impact on your goals.

Third: Just Scrapping By Each Month

This ties into the first one for obvious reasons. You are currently making just enough money to barely support your lifestyle. Credit cards, bills, rent, car payment, all of the above are the things keeping you down.

It is a known fact that most people live way beyond their means and it’s a shame. This is due in part to the fact that you wanted to keep up with the Joneses or prove someone wrong in your life. Other people shouldn’t control your lifestyle, this is something you need to take responsibility for and become aware of what’s sucking the blood out of your soul.


A general rule of thumb is when you ask yourself if you can afford something, and you have that internal dialogue basically admitting that you’ll have to save here and cut the fat there, that usually means you can’t. You would never question a purchase if you could absolutely have no stress attached to it and not worry about feeling the pain of a lower number in your bank account.

Stop taking on new debt if you can avoid it, this only indentures you to a sacrifice of time versus debt owed and having that monkey on your back will keep you from your dreams.

Fourth: You Own Nothing With Asset Potential

This means you have never purchased something that actually increased in value or made you money while you owned it. Some people get lucky and buy their house then realize they can flip it for more than the original investment and keep that cycle going. This is almost the same as playing the lottery and hoping you get super lucky. In Today’s market it is highly unlikely that you will earn droves of money from a real estate investment in a short amount of time.

You need to aspire to something more lucrative and intelligent. The good news is that there are limitless ways you can go about this.

investing in startups

Something that is popular within the business community at the moment is investing in digital startups or franchise opportunities that are ready to boom, while this takes a huge amount of capital, normally in the five figure minimum range, but you can build your own asset such as a website like mine or another one you might frequent.

So Now What?

You might think I am a privileged little asshole or some know it all wiseguy but you would be wrong in assuming those things. I came from a very poor family and I learned at an early age that I didn’t want to get stuck in the same lifestyle. Some things I did to earn money to get where I’m at now, I would rather not go into detail about, but I want you to  know that these things, when noticed, can give you a good kick in the ass and maybe some enlightenment why you’re not on a path to the promised land of wealth.

Hopefully you do something with it and buy me a Ferrari some day.

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